Haicheng haoyang refactory co.,ltd. is located in Haicheng City, Liaoning Province, which is called "magnesium capital of the world". The company was founded in 2007 and is a professional manufacturer specializing in the production of basic refractories. The company has light burned magnesium production lines, re-burned magnesia production lines, fused magnesia production lines, non-fired brick production lines, fired brick production lines and unshaped refractories production lines. The main products our company produces and operates are: magnesia refractory materials, refractory materials for converters, refractories for electric furnaces, refractories for ladle, refractories for tundish......

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Multiple employees

The best quality is our unremitting goal. Honesty is our eternal goal. Customer satisfaction is our unwavering pursuit!Haicheng haoyang refactory co.,ltd. is willing to work together with all parties and friends to create a better tomorrow!

  • Light burning magnesium ball
  • Magnesite
  • Light burned magnesium oxide
  • Heavy burned magnesia
  • Mid-range magnesia
  • High purity magnesia
  • Fused magnesia
  • Converter lining magnesia carbon brick
  • Converter large repair material
  • Converter spray material
  • Furnace supplement brick
  • Converter slag balls
  • Converter final slag modifier
  • Electric furnace lining magnesia carbon brick
  • Electric furnace bottom ramming material
  • Electric furnace spraying material
  • Electric furnace tap brick
  • Steel lining brick
  • Ladle pouring material
  • Tundish spray coating
  • Tundish dry vibrating material
  • Tundish permanent layer castable material
  • Tundish slag, impact plate
  • Tundish covering agent
  • Magnesia brick
  • Magnesium-alumina spinel brick
  • Magnesium chrome brick
  • Magnesium calcium brick
  • Fluorite block ore
  • Fluorite balls
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